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I think for a lot of golfers they understand this concept that we should release the club, they understand what we are talking about what we are requesting them to do but they are not really quite sure how they can go on and do it. Now part of the problem here is maybe the fact that this golf club moves through this impact area, this releasing zone so very, very quickly. I may not really get a chance to see it and some golfers don’t even get a chance to feel it. So we are understanding that yes I'm trying to release but I don’t quite know what that should look like or what I should feel like. So there is a great exercise if that’s you, you don’t understand the feel of what a release is like. What I’d encourage you to do is go to the driving range with a relatively short club maybe even just a wedge. And actually tee the ball up a few times you don’t have to worry too much about the idea of striking the ball correctly you can just do a few practice drills go ahead and setup normally to the ball. But then actually just drop your left hand of so you’re only handling the club with your right hand. And then just go ahead and try make little half swings purely with your right hand.

And generally speaking for most golfers what we see here is because the club has quite heavy now in relation to the, the amount of power you can put into it. The club had loads well in the backswing and releases really well in the follow through and the club head over takes the right hand. So that loading and releasing action stops the club from getting stuck this way where it doesn’t release through at all, once I have done that a few times in practice I might even then tee ball the ball and go ahead and hit a few shots. So just turning from side on and just clipping the ball away here feeling that releasing action actually happen. Once I‘ve done that a few times I can put both hands on and then again built that up to full speed gradually increasing the power. But feeling like my right hand is still having most of the influence in terms of extending and releasing the club correctly. So utilizing that practice drill is a great way of helping you feel how can release your right hand.