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We're used to seeing – when we watch on the PGA Tour on the TV, we're used to seeing golfers all shape and sizes, making all sorts of different swings and adjustments. But one of the real sort of consistencies that runs through probably every single golfer that I've ever watched play is that they have a pre-shot routine. And the world's best players have a pre-shot routine that's pretty much unshakeable, whether it's the first tee on the Thursday or the final tee on the Sunday, they're doing the same pre-shot routine over and over again. And it's the pre-shot routine that can really help you ingrain the technique that you are using to stand the correct distance away from ball. So if I approach the ball from here and just stand there, it might feel like I'm too close, too far away. If I go whack the ball, that's not going to give me a great deal of consistency. But if I use a pre-shot routine to get into that position, I might feel I'm more consistent in doing it. I need to make less adjustments and I feel more comfortable before I pull the trigger to start my swing.

So for most people, a pre-shot routine would start here behind the golf ball, looking down the target line, picking at an area where they want to aim. And this is the important part of the pre-shot routine for your distance away from the ball. The club goes down first and it settles in its comfortable height. Then you're going to move your feet in, and just going to have a little paddle around, just letting the feet move around, get comfortable, and then for me, I'll just check my right hand, relaxes, goes off and goes on. And then I know I'm good, then I know I'm in the right position.

And what you'll see the professional golfers on the TV do is they almost don't look like they're doing a pre-shot routine. It becomes such a sort of innate part of the way they move. You don't almost see what they're doing, but for most of those golfers, they'll have that little adjustments, little shift just to make themselves comfortable. You wouldn't see a golfer come in, stand here, and think, well, that feels like stretch, but hey, I'm going to hit it anyway because I put my feet down. They would shuffle and move their feet in to get comfortable, and then have that little checkpoint, and then they'll pull the trigger.

So to get yourself the right distance away from the ball in the consistent basis, try and bring in a really good solid pre-shot routine that you do over and over again, until it almost becomes part of your natural way of just setting up and hitting the golf ball is ingrained in that pre-shot routine on the correct distance away from the golf ball.