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What are the advantages of using a hybrid golf club? Hybrid golf clubs are a combination of an iron and a fairway wood, and as a result they are both forgiving and long. Now I’ve got my Thomas Golf hybrid here, and one of the best kind of examples and the best reasons for actually using these clubs is the perimeter weighting around the outside. Unlike an iron which will kind of end the bar kind of here you we’ve got an extra kind of bit added to the back of the club.

Now what this allows club designers to do is move the weight around the outside of the club so if the ball is struck from either the toe or the heel which will cause quite a lot of twisting on a normal club, on a hybrid it’s a lot more stable. Which is why a toe strike or a heel strike from a hybrid will generally go further and straighter than a comparative strike with a longer iron. It’s also quite nice because you can play a hybrid club off a – off a variety of lies because it’s a wide flat sole you can actually glide through quite a few surfaces from the fairway to the semi rough to the heavy rough and even in bunkers if you do have a good lie.

Now you can play a hybrid but pretty much like you would a long iron so slightly further forward in the stance. I’ve got my three hybrid here, just want to be getting my hands about level with the club with level with the ball at impact and then just brush it in the ground just after the ball. Now we’re slightly on the toewie side but even so the ball is lifted up and it has travelled a very, very good distance. So one of the reasons for using a hybrid clubs is very, very forgiving; much more forgiving than the comparative longer irons. So if you are struggling with the longer irons give the hybrids a go and it could do very good things for your game.