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Should I sweep my golf hybrids for the best results? Now golf hybrids almost fall into a little bit of a grey area when it comes to the angle of attack in the arc into the ball. Now this is because there’re a combination of the fairway wood and a long iron. And because of this they have to be used slightly different than either a fairway wood or an iron. Now with the fairway wood you very much just want to be picking and sweeping it quite clean off the surface with only a minimal amount of contact after the ball on the ground.

With an iron you want to be hitting the ball first and then striking the turf as well creating a little bit of a divot. With a hybrid you want again to be a combination of these things. Catching the ball first but then just bruising the ground after the ball. Now this is going to make sure that the angle of attack is a very slightly descending one but one that’s pretty much bottoming out at the ball. That’s going to get the best combination of loft and the best combination of impact factors. What you want to be doing -- I've got my 20 degree hybrid here.

I'm just going to pop it a couple of inches just inside my left heel and I'm going to be making sure my chest and my head are slightly behind the ball and I'm just going to try and keep in there throughout impact. And I should allow my club to bottom out just at the ball and sweep it away. And you can kind of see that rather than picking it cleanly off the surface it's a little bit of the ball first and then a little bit of a bruise off the ground afterwards. So it's a hybrid club by name and it's a hybrid club by nature as far as the angle of attack and the actual swing arc are concerned.