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What are the key impact check points to hit sweet hybrid golf shots? Now hybrid clubs are a great kind of combination of a fairway wood and iron. And they are often much easier to hit than normal golf clubs. However there are a few key check points that you need to actually address at the point of impact to make sure you get the most out of these clubs. Now well you tend to be want to be seen with a hybrid as a combination of an iron and – an iron and a Fairway wood is for the angle of attack into the ball to be pretty much bottoming out at the ball. So you want to be catching the ball first and then just kind of grazing the tuff afterwards.

You don’t really want to be sweeping it cleanly off the surface and you don't want to be digging into it either. Now to make sure that happens get that ball position just forward of center couple of inches forward of center couple of inches inside the heel. And this is going to allow you to actually contact the ball first and then add a little bit of a tuff. What you want to be seeing also it impacts the hips to be rotating around the club to be extending down into impact and the weight to be moving a little bit onto the front foot through impact. If you manage to get these factors in and you can manage to get that club back and that ball is hitting straight out in the middle of the clubface we should have the best combination of factors to actually hit the sweet hybrid.

So make sure that ball position is a couple of inches forward of center. I've got a 20 degree hybrid here, the stance is nice and solid, the hands are pretty much in level with the ball, turn into impact and just try and graze the ground after the ball. And if you can get those factors all working together we should hopefully hit a lot sweeter hybrid shots.