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How many hybrid clubs should most golfers carry? Now the easiest answer to this question is for you guys to go out and actually practice and actually try hybrid clubs out, because the fact is some manufactures such as Thomas Golf actually produce sets of clubs which are hybrids from the three iron all the way down to the sand wedge. And for some people that maybe the best option. Even some of the top professionals in the world have a couple of hybrids in their bag, to replace the longer irons. And they are best ball strikers in the world; imagine what a good a few hybrids in the bag could do for your game? Hybrids are a combination of long irons and fairway woods and combine the best of both worlds in terms of forgiveness and distance. So the most hybrid clubs you can carry in your bag, you can carry a hybrid club and a replacement for every iron you currently own and it could make an absolutely massive difference because they just are so, so forgiving. So if you aren’t sure about how many hybrid clubs you should have, how many hybrid clubs you could have, try them out in every loft, from your three iron all the way down to your short irons and you could be surprised, you might find that a full set of hybrids works the best for you.