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Should I dig down on my golf hybrids for the best results? Now a hybrid is a combination club, it's a hybrid and it’s a mixture between an iron and a fairway wood. Now this brings together quite a few fantastic points and a quite a few fantastic things which are going to help your game. First of all the perimeter weighting is moved more around the edges of the club to help it up in the air and the actual club sole is nice and smooth to help it cut through difficult lines. The shaft is a little bit longer to get a little bit of extra distance. Now all of these things are going to help you hit more successful shots at the top end of your bag.

However because it's a hybrid and it's a combination between an iron and a fairway wood it also needs to be a combination of the angle of attack and the swing arc. If you just use an angel of attack which is more like an iron which is digging down on the shaft or specifically steep angle of attack in the swing arc bottoming out after the ball where you take a divot, that’s not going to get the best results. All you're going to do there is hit down and the ball is going to come out very, very low and you're not going to get a consistent strike.

Likewise if you go to the opposite end of the spectrum putt the ball very far forward and try and sweep the ball cleanly off the surface, you would kind of have a low lofted fairway wood. Again it's not going to give you the best results, what you need to do is combine the two. So getting the ball a couple of inches inside the left heel, keeping yourself and your wedge just behind the ball and the trying to catch the ball first and then just bruising the ground afterwards. And if you can combine those two factors we should be out to hit some very, very successful hybrid golf shots.