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Why are hybrid golf clubs so versatile? Now hybrid golf clubs are a combination between a long iron and a fairway wood. And this makes a hybrid golf club design very, very unique. The sole plate is very, very wide which gives forgiveness as you actually hit the ball and because of the perimeter weighting being pushed to the outer extremities of the club, the ball will lift up to the air very, very easily. Now because of this design what it allows me to do is play such a wide variety of shots without having to make any kind of special reductions because I can swing with confident with the ball and know that it will generally go where I want it to, even if I strike it out the hill at the top or the bottom or out the top of the club. Now I've got my three iron replacement here, my Thomas golf hybrid.

And if I want to hit very shot all I need to do is move that club just at the front of the stanza just inside my left heel trying to stay back through impact and that means I can lift the ball up very, very high into the air. And if I was playing it down when sure I could lodge it up there and it would go a very, very long way. Let's say on the next hole I switch round and I was to win I could put the ball further back, I could put a little bit more weight on my front from my hands ahead and I could hit a very, very low shot. I mean with a long iron, with a three iron in this position I would really struggle to get the ball up in the air. But with this hybrid it really drills down nice and low with a little bit of lift. So these hybrid golf clubs could be used with more shots for most lies. And they're incredibly versatile to actually use across the golf course. If you’ve not got one already, give it a go and you’ll just how forgiving and how versatile they actually are.