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There’s a school of thought in golf that says if you want to improve your score eliminate the three putts; it’s one of the biggest factors that causes a lot of golfers stress and increase scores on the golf course is too many three putts, and most of those three putts are caused because their first putt isn’t close enough. Now this is a long putt you know this is about sort of 25 maybe even 30 paces sort of over 60 feet maybe even 70 feet long up towards this back hole, so I’m aiming for the red and white flag in the back corner.

Now when I’m on the practice green, I’m not on the golf course, I’m on the practice green, I’ve got four balls lined up and I’m going to do my revision; this is my revision ready for my exam. My exam is when I actually go out and play and I get a 40 footer or 50 footer across the first putting green. The revision I’ve done here starts to pay dividends there. What I’ve got here is with my four balls, I’m going to roll the first one down there and hopefully get it pretty close, then I’m either I’m going to try and repeat or improve on each of these next balls. So the first ball rolls down there as close as I can hopefully it’s quite a straight path, I try to pick a straight one so it doesn’t break too much. So, give it a good firm hit it’s uphill on quite a bubbly green.

So this one has curved away to the right a little bit and finished a little bit short. And that’s not the end of the world because my revision now tells me ‘Well, how can I change my stroke? Do I want to repeat that, do I want it to improve?’ Well I want to improve; I’m going to aim to the right, I’m going with a bit more pace. So down the right hand side this time taking that break there and curving in quite nicely, so now I’ve got my line sorted out, so, I improved on the previous one, my line was good.

So really I want to repeat the line but I want even more pace. So bubbling away, that was pretty good, that one had a really good sniff of the hole there, so, each time so far I’ve improved my putt. So really with that last one, I was quite happy with that last one. So with this one I’m guessing I’m now looking to repeat, so I’ve improved three times, now try and repeat. So a nice firm hit on the right line curving in with the break; and again one that’s just finished by the back edge of the hole.

So, when you do your long distance practice putting do it with more than one ball, and after each putt just consider to this; do I want to improve that stroke, do I want to repeat that stroke? And if you want to improve it, think; should I improve it for line, should I improve it for length? And each time you take a stroke, improve line, improve length, or repeat. And once you’ve got the repeat button hit, you can just keep stroke it same, same, same, every single time repeating the same process. Then when you got out on the golf course you have a couple of practice strokes and you think; yeah, they’re all looking good and then repeat the long putt that I had on the practice green and that should help you improve your long putts and therefore improve your scores.