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Video Transcript

So you join me now where the golf ball is pretty much in the worst position you could ever hope to find yourself in a bunker. These ones come flying high has landed right up against the face of the lip; I’ve got very little shot out. It’s going to be a very awkward stance – the chances are this ball is going to take a mighty swing – it’s probably going to land in the bunker – probably going to land in quite an awkward position. But do I have to play this shot from where it is or do I have some options? But if I know the rules correctly I know that I do have some options where I could actually drop this golf ball. Yes it would be under the penalty of one stroke but that might actually be a better position where I can improve my chance of getting back on the green with my next shot and certainly not risk injury from standing funny or swinging awkwardly. So my options are three fold; I could take this golf ball and go back to where I last hit it from.

Now that might not seem like a great option if that’s 150 yards back down the fairway and I’ve got to play a shot back onto the green. But if I was chipping from the side of the green when I hit this shot I might consider well I could just drop it back onto the edge where I was, chip it back onto the green better this time. So that was one option is take it back to where you last played it from under the penalty of one stroke. I’ve got two more options that involve dropping the golf ball but I must drop them in the bunker this time. My first option would be to drop the golf ball directly in line with the hole where the ball is now in a straight line as far back as I like but it must be in the bunker. So if I was playing to the red and white checkered flag here the golf ball here – my line is here – so I could drop it on this line. Now a drop is going to be from shoulder high straight on without spinning the ball. Chances are when I do that in a normal bunker that ball is going to plug, so I have to consider is it better to play it from there, is it better to play it from here under the penalty of one stroke but from a slightly plugged line.

The other option I have to drop the ball in the bunker is I can drop it within two club lengths of where it currently is any different direction but nowhere near to the hole. So I take the club that I’m going to play the shot with and I’ve got two club lengths to the side or to the side this way; so side and slightly back might give me a good line in or straight back in line as I’ve got here or the side this way. The options are really up to yourself but just consider that when you get a bunker shot that you really don’t fancy the look off – you don’t think that you’re going to be able to get the ball out, it looks like it might be a two shots or it might even injure you playing it; you’ve got those three options. Drop it back where you played it from, drop it back directly in line with the ball in the hole or drop it within two club lengths of where it currently is; all under the penalty of one shot. Sometimes it’s better to take your punishment, take your penalty rather than trying to play this out and compounding the problem.