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As one part of the address position and I see a lot of golfers either misunderstand or they don't realize the importance of it so they get themselves in god distance away from the golf using my checkpoint of just above the knee, nice posture position, nice wide stance and ball position but then they don't really well know where to place the club in relation to their body and their hands. And a lot of people will just go for the angle of the clubface. They try and get the angle of the clubface flat to the ground that can actually produce a very high hands position. We don’t really well want the clubface flat to the ground. We can have it tilted down a little bit so the toe is very slightly up in the air. There'll be a small adjustment for that when you actually hit the golf ball. But if you've got misaligned golf clubs for you and you have another club custom fitted, this could really well throw you out. If you have your hands very high up in the air, that can actually affect your golf swing. It can make your swing a lot steeper, a little bit higher up in the backswing, steeper on the downswing, producing higher and more left-to-right now shapes in your golf shots. Likewise, if you have your hands a lot lower down, it would generally result in a flatter, more rounded body type of swing and possibly a more right-to-left type of golf shot for the right-handed golfer and possibly susceptible to a bad shot being a hook. So what I would encourage you to do is get your clubs custom fitted and then when you're setting up to the golf ball try and aim the shaft of the golf club that's about your belt line to point it here and that should give you a nice comfortable address position. If your club points below your belt line, that suggests your hands are a bit low and if you get your hands pointing too far above the top of your belt line, your hands may be too high up. So just try and get the shaft of the club pointed down at your belt line. Grip it correctly and check out for their range of custom-fit golf clubs to make sure that clubs are the right size for the length of your arms.