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Video Transcript

Quite often when I’m delivering golf lessons to clients, I’ll encourage them to watch their own golf swing. I’ll encourage them to then feedback to me on what they initially see as the key issues within their swing. And one thing is often, “My arms look out of control, Pete. I’m seeing my swing and I don’t feel like I’ve got any control of my arms.” But then specifically we drill down a little bit more detail there. We try and find out well exactly which part of your arm isn’t really working for you. And more often than not, 9 times out of 10. It comes down to the elbows. So both elbows can cause significant issues during the golf swing.

And the role of the elbows is incredibly important because obviously the elbows are effectively the link between the main engine and what I would class as the steering wheel. So the engine is providing the power and the hands are controlling club facing golf club. So they’re providing the steering and this is providing the power. And if there’s no effective link through the hands and the arms, so the body doesn’t know what the hands are doing and vice-versa, the elbows can’t be at faults.

So we’ve got some key checkpoints to look for with the elbows during the golf swing. And I think, if you can specifically control your left elbow really nicely on your back swing and your right elbow really nicely on your down swing then you’ve got a great chance of the engine talking to the steering wheel and actually hitting much straighter, longer and more consistent golf shots.