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So this is the crucial part of any golf shot is where are we at impact. You could look at any golfer throughout history they’ve had some form of a different movement within their swing. Some golfers quite dramatically different some like Jim Furyk all over the place, around here, around here, there at impact it all changes and a lot of golfers have very similar positions at impact. And this is because to consistently strike the ball that impact position is to be boom boom. Good impact position for an iron would look something like that. So you can say that’s not quite my set up position, my set up position was here, my impact position is here. So at impact what's happening well the hips are ahead, the hips have turned to face more in front of the golf ball. The chest is coming through more ahead. The legs are driving through more ahead, the hands are more ahead. There’s two things that stay back relatively well and that’s your head and the club head.

If I can get to impact here and the club head and my head is staying down over the ball, that’s perfect. This lot, shift through and out of the way. Effectively this lot what’s dragging the club head in there. So we take to the top the body drags and the club head comes in last. That means the club head is accelerating as it's playing catch up. So we've got a good address position and then from here move your hands forward six inches, move your hips forwards and rotate them six inches. Try and leave your head where it was on top of the golf ball now feel how your right leg or your rear leg is starting to lift up and get light. Now that's going to feel like a good golf impact position. And I can pump that position a few times, I can come down to here and come down to here frame again and this time hit the ball and that really solid impact position just really helps improve my quality of strike, the discipline I have to stay down with the golf ball, good contact, plenty of club head speed and if I'm not moving around too much I got lots of accuracy and consistency. Improve your golf impact position to improve your shots.