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Video Transcript

So when it comes to taking your address position there is one fundamental thing we have to get right because the difficulty here is not always set in exactly the same position. And that’s creating an accurate and correct ball position. So where we place that golf ball down between our feet could be anywhere between the back of the right foot, the front of the left foot or anywhere in between, and it’s important as golfers we have it in the correct position, but like I said it moves. We’ve got different golf clubs all of different lengths, all designed to create different heights and different flights and different distances. Some we play from the ground, some we play from the sand, some we even play from a tee peg. So the ball position needs to be accurately moved between those different clubs, and like I said we’ve got so many different clubs. But it’s actually a very gradual change between all of the clubs. What we would like to work on is the principle of playing the ball sort of in the front half, so from the middle of the stance with your shorter clubs, up to the left heel with the longer clubs and making a gradual change.

Now the purpose of making that change is so that the angle off the tuck and the way we sweep the golf ball into the air is correct. So when we’re taking a pitching wedge, we need to have quite a steep angle of attack hitting down on the ball, hitting the ball then taking turf. The wedge has got enough loft on it but it’ll still hit the ball nice and high up into the air and that will generate lots of spin. Slightly different when we take a driver, we’ve got the ball upon a tee peg, we don’t have a great deal of loft on the driver. Therefore, we need to utilize a shallower angle of attack, the hitting more level or even slightly hitting it up into the golf ball. That will sweep the ball nice and high into the air and create your longer shots. So depending on the club and depending on the lie you can have a moving, but relatively consistent ball position.