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Video Transcript

Here’s another really good practice exercise to get your bunker shots to come out crisply with a good strike and travelling the right distance and we call this one money ball. We’re in the bunker here and we’ve drawn three squares in the sand here all about the size of a dollar bill. I want you to have that visualization that when you play your golf shot, you’re effectively playing the sand out with a dollar bill on top. So we would draw around the dollar bill in the size of the sand, we’d put the ball in the middle of that and we take the bunker shot we just try and remove that little box of sand there, that little dollar bill of sand. So set up to the next one, the club can start at the back line and you’re going try and take it divot all the way through to the front line. It’s about the width of a dollar bill, it’s about the length of a dollar bill and we’re just trying to slash the ball out nicely. And if we were to do this correctly and we were to put the ball in the middle of that dollar and then we wet up, we go ahead and just play the ball out hitting the dollar bill exactly the same we could look out that now, we’ve played a nice bunker shot. It’s gone the right distance, it was a good, clean, crisp contact and I played it nicely out to that back flag. And the visualization is the big thing that helps a lot of golfers with this exercise. You know how big the dollar bill is, you can visualize, it being on the sand, visualize the ball being on top of it and your job is just to get the club just to scoop underneath it, just to land the ball out the right distance. Don’t go taking too big a swing and gouging out too much sand, but again don’t get scared of hitting the sand at all and just hit the top of the ball. Take the dollar bill, play the money ball practice game and you’ll hit golf shots nice and close to the flag.