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Video Transcript

How can you improve your golf posture so you’ve got perfect golf posture? This is one of the things I see so often in a lesson. I’ll show someone their golf swing on our video system and the first thing they say is, “I look like an old man there, I look like I’m more slashed and hunched over.” And it’s one of these things that’s very visible to most golfers when they’re setting up to the ball if they’ve got poor golf posture and they’re over the ball here, they see it straight in the video and it’s very evident that that golf posture, that pole posture will remain throughout their swing and actually hamper their swing.

So when we’re setting up to the golf ball, we need to try and achieve the best golf posture we can. And here is a really simple exercise to help you get that posture right. Firstly, when you’re setting up to the golf ball, we want to make sure that we’re right distance away from the ball with the correct knee flex. So, firstly lock your legs straight back and you’ll feel the body weight on your heels. You make a small knee flex, the body weight will go to the center of the feet. You then lay the club head behind the ball and use the club that you’re going to hit the shot with just rest it down against your front leg. It should land about two inches above your front leg. If I was too far away, it would be down too low and if I was too close, it would be up too high. So, that tells me I’ve got the right knee flex now just flexed and I’m also the right distance away.

If I then make my grip and lift the golf club up to belly button height, I stand up nice and tall here, pull my shoulders back, stick my chest up and my chin and head up. It’s quite a different position after this position, so it’s chin and head up and shoulders back. And as I drop my shoulders down and back, my chest comes out and I’m in a good strong position here and then tilt up the hips. Imagine there’s a steel rod goes through your hips, you push your bum out as you lean forward and the club will come all the way back down to the floor and set behind the ball, a tiny bit of knee flex here just to let my legs relax and now I do have good golf posture.

One thing we see as a fault here is people get this position, they bring their arms down and they look down and then they have bad posture again. So, it’s all from the hips, just sticking your bum out as you lean forward and now we’ve got good golf posture. The body weight should be evenly distributed 50/50 left and right, 50/50 toes and heels. Now I’m in a good, solid position ready to make a perfect swing and that’s how you get perfect golf posture.