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Should I learn to draw to draw the golf ball from – should I learn to draw the golf ball for extra distance from the tee. If you want to hit the ball a little bit further, having the draw shot which moves from right to left in the air starting to the right of the target line before drawing back is a fantastic weapon to have. However to hit the ball a big distance you don’t necessarily have to actually hit a draw.

If you think about the biggest hitter on tour at the moment Bubba Watson, he's specific shot shape is a little bit of a fade. Now can he produce such massive shots when hitting a fade? Simply he produces some fantastic impact factors first of all. We'll show you kind of how to hit a draw to begin with. What you really want to be doing to generate a little bit more draw, is where there target line is just close the body very, very slightly.

Try and get the clubface pointing down at the target, and swing from a bit more of an inside to an outside path. Try and make sure that that clubface is rotating and closing through the impact area. If you can get those factors together with that slightly close stance, the shoulders slightly close to the target, the clubface square to the target. You can produce that little bit of a draw and get some decent distance. However to achieve the maximum amount of distance, there are other things that need to be present.

First of all the two turns of the golf swing must be very big and must be very powerful, namely the shoulders and then the hips. During the actual golf back swing what you really want to be seeing are the shoulders to be turning at least to a point where it's 90° in relation to the ball and the target. So it turns away 90°. Now on the way through you want the hips to be rotating, and also turning towards the target as much as they can go. At the point of impact you want the shoulders pretty much kind of square to your target line, but you want those hips rotating nice and fully.

If you can produce the nice full shoulder turn and a nice full hip turn, and then get that club moving through with a greater amount of club head speed. That’s how you're going to produce more distance, whether it will be a fade or a draw. In general drawing the ball would give you more distance but if you can get those big turns into the golf swing as well they're going to help increase club head speed which is the major factor behind hitting very long golf shots.