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How can I change my set up to help draw the golf ball? Now when you are getting set up to a shot, a lot of people simply get set up to try and hit the ball straight, now by that the ball sits on the target line and the feet sit opposite that target line running in parallel lines. Now it is perfectly possible to hit a draw from this position as the club moves on an inside path to out over the target line with the clubface slightly close to that path and slightly open to that target which will create the spin axis and which will create that curvature through the air. However, it’s a lot easier to hit a draw if you make slight adaptations to your set up. So rather than being square and being parallel to your target line just down the body so it aims slightly to the right, so you can see my body line, my shoulders, my knees and my legs are all now aiming off to the right hand side. Now as for my shoulders especially aim off to the right hand side that is going to bring my swing path a lot more from in to out over that target line. If I swing in to out over this target line with a square clubface I’m going to hit that a little bit of a push.

So to actually enable that draw I’m going to adapt to my clubface, to dress, to point just between my intended path and the target. And if I just get this swing absolutely bang on, swing it nice and normally, that clubface in a slightly closed position in relation to my body, is slightly open to my target line will produce that little bit of a draw shape. So if you are wanting to produce a draw, you can absolutely adapt the set up to actually enable that to happen. So rather than being square on, move the body slightly to the right, keep the clubface slightly open to the target line but it’s going to be slightly closed to the intending path and then just swing along the toe line. And if you get everything working in the right order you will be able to produce just that nice little draw shot. It might go a little bit further than usual and it might run out a little bit more when it lands. If you are looking to play that draw adapt the technique in that way, give it a practice and see what you come up with.