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So, I'm sure you're aware by now that one of the most fundamental element of hitting a good golf shot would be making sure that you're aligned and aiming in the correct position.

Now, when you're standing on a range mat, you've got some square edges around you to help you out. But if you're out to the practice tee and there aren't any square edges, one of the easiest things I think you can use to help you get square and lined up is a simple credit card.

The way I would encourage you to do this is place it down next to your hitting area, just a good inch away from where your golf ball, the way your club head would come past because you clearly don't want to hit the credit card. You place it down and then stand behind and just make sure you've lined it up, so the edge of the credit card points exactly where you want the golf ball to be flying, so, dead down your target line.

Then drop your golf ball in just an inch away from the edge of the credit card there. Now, slide the club in and just slide the back of the club face behind the credit card so it uses the straight edge, because we know that will almost be exactly 90 degrees and perpendicular to your target. So, I can line my club face up and take really good care that the leading edge is exactly square to the back of the credit card. I could then slide that back away and I can make sure it's dead on square.

Now, if you've been having a problem with having a closed or an open club face which has been aiming too far left, too far right. When you slide the club away from the credit card, it may not look square, but trust me it is because you've checked on it from this angle. So, that's purely a perception of your old, bad habit that makes it look a little bit funny, so, I can check it square, check it square and then line myself up.

If I've got a golf club that's got an alignment aid on the top of it, like the Thomas golf hybrid clubs or the irons have alignment aids on the top, I'd be also be able to check that square to my credit card there, make sure that's lined up really nicely, then go ahead and hit my shot and I should be able to hit my shot straight down my target line exactly in the direction that my credit card was aiming. And at least I know that my alignment and my setup were as accurate as possible.

So, that's another great tip for you to help improve your golf by using a simple credit card.