How To Get Longer Drives - Chest Turn Speed - Senior Golf Tip 1

    To hit the ball further use this exercise to turn the chest faster rather than hit the ball harder.

    To gain more distance from the tee means increasing the speed of the club head through the golf ball. The club swings in a circle around the body and sling shots into the golf ball and it is the turning motion of the shoulders that guides the golf club in this circle. If the golfer can increase the speed of the shoulder rotation in the golf swing, the golfer will gain more speed and therefore more distance.

    Generally, golfers do focus on the shoulders to increase power, however, the emphasis should not be on power but the turning motion or rotation of the shoulders. Particularly for those golfers who are not as strong, a ‘powerful’ shoulder action can cause serious swing problems. A golfer who uses the power of the shoulders generally attacks the golf ball from the top of the golf swing. When this happens, the golf club approaches the golf ball too steeply downwards into the golf ball. The outcome is either that the club head is driven down through the ball into the ground or that the golfer leans back and ‘pulls up’ out of the shot at the moment of impact. In both situations the power created is not put into the ball but wasted as the ball is not driven forwards towards the target or is simply mis-hit.

    Instead of focusing on power, the golfer should focus on a rotational motion in the swing and concentrate on the chest turning through the ball. Turning the chest through the ball towards the target completes the rotation of the body through impact which maximizes speed.

    For an exercise to turn the chest through the ball rather than use the shoulders, set up normally and take some practice swings. With each swing, make sure that the chest turns all the way forwards through the ball and faces to the target or, if flexibility allows, slightly to the left of the target (for right handed golfers). For each swing, focus on turning the chest to this position faster which should feel like the arms and club are being dragged through the ball. This is usually a reversal of what happens as the arms are usually ‘pushing’ the golf club through the ball and so this may feel a little uncontrolled and unsynchronized at first.

    Turn the chest faster rather than drive the shoulders into the ball and club head speed will increase along with driving distance.