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Video Transcript

So now, we’ve talked about the width of your stance. We now want to have a look at the exact feet positioning for your stance. The most common thing I see with the feet positioning in golf is people have the tendency to stand a little bit open. It is possible because their natural feet position when they walk would be to stand a little bit open like this as they wobble down the street. The problem would that being is that the knee is actually pointing out sideways.

Now, having your knees pointing out sideways in your golf swing is very awkward because it has a very lateral resistance and you tend to have a little bit of a swaying action. Now, I would like to see this right foot really turned in, so it is pointing that straight forward. So, it is a square position effect that would be nice and straightforward. We then take the left foot and that can splay out ever so slightly. The fact that the feet are not symmetrical stands for a reason because the golf swing is not symmetrical.

We are going to load into the right knee turning against this right knee, so we want a bit more resistance. Then, we are going to drive through the left knee, releasing through the left foot and finishing a little bit more onto the left hand side. So, don’t worry if your feet don’t look symmetrical. The right foot is turned in a little bit, left foot turned out a little bit, just a couple of degrees. Do not anything daft and splay it out this way.

In fact, if you are standing on a range mat and your toe points just inside this corner of the range mat, that is fine. If it starts to point out to the side of the range mat, that is far too open. So, the right foot is squared off, left foot is slightly open, that should give you a nice open stance position generating plenty of resistance on the back swing, plenty of freedom to rotate through on the follow through. So, get your stance right and that is a good foundation for a good golf swing.