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Now when a golfer learns to hit the golf ball, they're often going to start to develop a natural shot shape, now for a lot of golfers they then fight against that natural short shape and argue against that shot shape because they don’t necessarily think it's the right one. And for a lot of golfers, they develop a fade but they wanted the drill but let's have a look at the fade. Why was the fade so bad in the first place? For a lot of golfers the answer is "Well it doesn’t go as far as a drill." Okay well how about the world's best golfer if you settle with Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus argument in Jack's favor the world's best golfer Jack certainly wouldn’t win the most majors.

Faded the ball and he was also one of the longest hitters of his day so clearly the fade worked for him and actually when you see power hitters, they're real big hitters. The guys who are doing the long drive tours and that sort of thing. A lot of those guys fade the ball; they actually call it the power fade. So if the power fade is a useful shot for these world's best players, how come it's so dreaded among the amateur golfers? Club golfers don’t want to fade the ball; we all want to draw the ball. I think the difference is for a lot of club golfers, we mistake what a fade and a slice is.

So a slice is something that is left to right and off the fairway into treble whereas Nicklaus' power fade was down the left third of the fairway and back into the middle of the fairway or down the left half into the center half. So turning the ball a small amount would be more clust as a fade rather than a big old slice that’s out into treble. And a fade can be a very useful shot and if a fade is your nice natural shot shape and you don’t have to argue with it and you don’t have to fight it too much. We've got a question, "Why can't we just learn to play with a fade rather that arguing against it changing our entire natural swing trying to hit the ball with a drill? So let's look a little bit more closely at Jack's power fade and how it could be useful in your game.