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How can I hit a fade shot into the wind? Now the first thing to understand when you’re hitting balls into the wind, it will increase the amount of spin that’s actually imparted on the ball at impact. So if you’re hitting a purely straight shot into the wind it will go less distance because the backspin will increase and the wind will force the ball backwards. Now it’s no different if your playing a fade shot into the wind. The more spin you put on the more kind of clockwise spin you out on the ball to get the ball kind of moving from left to right in the air the actual more spin will be impacted by the wind as well. So a normal fade shot which would only travel 15 yards in the air will certainly travel more like 25 yards if the wind is strong enough. Now this needs to be taken into account when hitting the shot.

The second thing to take into account is a fade shot will generally go less distance than a normal shot in the first place. So if you’re then hitting into a wind it will again go less distance. So it’s worth taking a lower lofted club to make sure you still get the same amount of distance, but there are a few little adaption’s you can make in your technique to ensure that the ball will travel a little bit further and with a little bit more control. Now when playing into the wind it’s always worth having the ball slightly further back in the stance than normal because I’ll like to strike down and keep the ball relatively low. When playing the fade you’ll be angled off very slightly to the left hand side and then the club face will be slightly open till you swing path through impact.

So with a normal fade with a normal seven eight shot my ball position will be just forward of centre. I’m going to pop it just in the centre of my stance put a little bit of weight on my front foot and I’m going to be striking down and thought a little bit of a steeper angle to try to keep the ball low. To play a fade I’m just going to hold the club face open slightly though impact but I’m going to allow for this wind which is blowing in my face. I’m going to lack a little bit more movement and a little less distance on the shot. So the ball position in the centre, feet slightly open to the target, weight slightly forward and I’m going to hold this club face open through impact.

So the ball takes off slightly lower and it goes slightly less distance as well. It would be a mistake to hitting the shot and not actually make any adaptions in the set up in the swing and it would certainly be a massive mistake not to get the right club. Don’t be afraid if dropping down a number of clubs you can overhear at 7-iron 160 don’t be afraid of dropping down a 5-iron to get the short shape absolutely banged on and to get the short distance absolutely ganged on. So the next time you’re faced with a fade play it into the wind just make those adaptions make sure you pick the right club and hopefully you’ll be playing a successful shot.