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During the impact position of hitting a golf ball we’ve got to make sure the clubface is, is square to target or, or pretty close to square to target within a couple of degrees. You know we can’t hit draws and phase with clubfaces arm perfectly square but if that clubfaces is way off five or six degrees more or less either side of the square position, you not going to be the best golfer in the world. So squaring that clubface is quite a big fundamental first to work on. Now once you have attributed the natural neutral grip position or holding the club in a good position during the swing it’s important that we now have a left wrist particularly in a good position for impact. And actually the best position to have that left wristed impact is it’s pretty flat and maybe even slightly bowed, so we are going to try and get the left wrist to come down in this what we class as a superannuated position with the left wrist. So superannuation of the left wrist and then proannuation of the right wrist through the impact phase it’s going to help square it up. Now if that sounds complicated just avoid one simple thing don’t scoop it, if your coming down into impact and your feel your left wrist go the opposite way which is a scooping action, there’s the problem.

And if that left wrist comes through and scoops through impact here you are going to have very big difficulties in striking the ball correctly and actually squaring the clubface up because that is a very inefficient way of rotating the clubface and bowing the left wrist is a very efficient way of squaring the clubface. So we want to feel like during the impact phase the badge on the back of your glove is actually going to hit down on top of the golf ball squeezing the ball forwards and keeping the clubface squarer rather than flicking. Great exercise to do this is, is to start with you take a wedge and just see if you can hit the wedge flight lower, if you’re hitting a wedge lower chances are you’ve got some good shaft lean, some good left wrist position and you’re trapping and squeezing the ball nicely. If you’re flicking and scooping with the left wrist and you are given at this the wedge flight is going to go really, really high and that’s too much of a scoop, it’s probably not going to be a efficient way of squaring the clubface with your longer clubs as well. So take a wedge, badge on the back of the glove in front of the ball, trap it and squeeze it down, bring the ball flight down that’s a great way of checking that your bowing your left wrist correctly to square the clubface.