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If we now look specifically at how the hands are going to work into the back swing, we got to make sure that they're hinging correctly but there are a couple of pitfalls that we could fall into when we’re hinging back to make sure we don’t get the club into the wrong position. One of the first things might be mistaking what wrist hinge and wrist roll are. So from a down the line view here, wrist hinge is going to be taking the golf club back and then lifting it correctly this way. Now done correctly that club stays on plane and nicely on path of the down swing as well, but a wrist roll might look very different, the wrist roll might be this way. A lot of golfers I’m trying to set my club in the back swing and I’m trying to set the club with some wrist hinge, but that’s not hinging, that’s rotating, that’s rolling. So the hinge is straight back and then corking the golf club up into the sky instead of rolling it back behind you.

So just check on the angles that you’re hitting but make sure you are actually hinging or corking your wrists rather than rolling and rotating and flailing it back behind you. Then we’ve also got to consider the flipping action in a golf swing. Once we’ve set the club nicely with the hinging action on the back swing we want to make sure that we release the golf club in the same fashion here and I guess the flip is the opposite to the roll, if the roll was the bad position in the back swing, the flip is the opposite in the down swing, and we don’t it at all, we want to hold the lag and release and we want to avoid getting here and flicking from the top, so we’ve got setting the club but not flicking the golf club, set it back up, pull down, create lag.

The feeling of the flip is from here when I was firing the right hand in a casting action, flipping that way, scooping under the ball, so from the front on it would like we have lost a lot of angle by flipping and we scoop the golf ball at this point here which is a real problem. And I think one thing that can really help you get the right set angle on the back swing is getting the address position right, so from the front on view we’d like to have the left hand and arm in a nice straight line here, not too much of this, this is going to cause problems particularly with flipping on the back swing, so hands too far back, hands too far forwards is a bit of a concern. Nice, straight line, where the shaft points at the left shoulder would be good and then from that angle a little bit of set, too much down here is a problem, but none here is a problem because that’s a very weak left wrist position. So a nice little bit of set angle here and then lead the club with a bit of wrist hinge on the way back, hold the angle and nicely release it on the way through, but concentrate on utilizing the correct wrist hinge to generate the most accurate and consistent golf shots that you can.