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You may not have considered that playing in very windy conditions can affect your putting because obviously when you putt the ball is on the floor and it’s not up in the air. But wind really does affect your putting stroke, it doesn’t affect the ball as such, because the ball is below the wind but it affects you as a player and if you have your usual stance and usual stroke you can find that in very blistery conditions they are very much affected by the wind and then it does have a knock on effect that it affects how you hit the ball.

So my advice to you would be that when you’re playing in windy conditions initially you want to really widen the putting stance up. So it will be much wider than shoulder with the par and a much base than you usually would have. That’s going to help stabilize you and help you balance, or lower your center of gravity, get much more stable base to make the movement from. The narrower your feet are, the blistery conditions, it’s really going to blow you off balance and that’s going to have a knock on the fact that you’ll find it very difficult to swing the putter just Straight-Back-And-Straight Through along the target line, it will create more of a loop in the swing. So widen the stance up, hold down the handle a little bit lower again helping everything to stabilize and make a slightly shorter stroke that usual. So rather than having a very long stroke where again the wind can blow you off balance and it can blow the putter around and it’ll create more of a loop in the stroke, shorten the stroke down, so it’s much smaller movement and the putter will stay much more on the target line.

So my tips for playing in windier conditions would be widen the stance up for more stability and just slightly shorter with the stroke, a little bit quicker with the tempo, so you still hit the ball the same distance, but it’ll stop you creating any type of loop in the swing and you’ll just swing the putter Straight-Back-And-Straight-Through and with the square club face you’ll be having some great putts.