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I think the one key point to stress now, and this can be linked to a lot of the parts of your golf swing, but particularly with the wrist hinge, is how we’ve got and try and to keep everything natural. Now this can sound a little bit awkward that we have just tried to set the club into the right position, utilizing the hands in the right way, then we are going to say, now make it all natural, and really making something natural only really comes through repetition, once you are happy that you are doing the right thing in the right way correctly. So I’m just repeating the process over and over again until you really feel that that can happen again without you thinking about it. You think about maybe the way you drive a car you know you have to think about all those pedals, all those levers and you look at it, you learn to drive in a car it all looks quite stunted and its not flowing, you look at yourself driving a car, if you have been driving a car for a while, then you kind of – you just point the car in the right direction and all the magic just happens itself.

And the same thing happens when you watch a good player playing golf, you watch a golfer like Justin Rose for example play, he pretty much picks out his target, he goes through his routine, but the actual movement within the swing all just seems to be naturally talented and golfers see how he is naturally talented. There is not much of a thing such as natural talent, natural talent is ground out at the practice ground here, its ground out in your back garden, ground out at the driving range, where you can set the club into the right position and feel the hands release, that is where natural talent comes from, things make it – golfers and really any sportsman that does something to a high level makes it look natural, but it’s been done thousands and thousands of time to get that repetition. So in a way once you are happy that you are in the right positions, you need to then repeat that process an awful lot to get it to happen naturally without thinking about it too much.
If I go out into the first tee and I’m thinking about where my wrist set is going to be, its probably too late, I needed to think about that a week prior on the driving range or a month before on the driving range to get that to happen naturally. When I go out into the golf course nice and relaxed grip pressure, a little waggle of my hands, and then the club will get into a nice natural position. So don’t mistake the importance of getting this natural wrist hinge grooved in, thousands of hours or thousands of balls should I say on the driving range until that swing starts to look natural. Justin rose is a – Justin Rose golf swing was not given to him overnight, there is thousands of hours have gone into that practice swing and that routine to get that wrist hinge right. So I’m setting up to the ball nicely, a little practice to set my wrist in the right place and away we go.