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So I'm correct and sure that most people have got 1 or 2 fairway woods in their bag, most typically the 3 and the 5-wood in their bag. But the range of fairway woods can continue, particularly if you enjoy hitting your fairway woods and you enjoy hitting your basic irons less so, or you enjoy hitting your hybrids less so. So if you're comfortable with a 3 or a 5-wood, why not consider getting a 7, 9-wood, or even a more-lofted wood than that.

The fairway woods work really nicely because the low and deep center of gravity that sits behind the clubface will help get underneath the golf ball and hit the ball nicely up and into the air. You'll also find plenty of loft helps you hit the ball in the air, the club won't dig into the surface quite so much in case you're a bit guilty of occasionally hitting the ball fat. A nice long, light-weight graphite shaft also encourages you to have lots of club head speed.

So if distance is a factor and you don't hit the ball very far or very high, extending your fairway woods from 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, up through the range, will always encourage you to hit the ball high and far. As long as you are looking down at the back of the fairway wood, there's a nice confidence giving head. It's not looking like one of these skinny little irons that you're trying to hit. A nice confidence-giving head, sweep the ball up into the air with a nice lofted fairway wood that could be the difference in your game.

If you look at the website, they have a full range of fairway woods right the way through from the 3-wood that you're used to seeing, right the way up to a 15-wood which is a really nice lofted club and could pretty much make most of your long to mid-irons redundant in your game, just leaving with the fairway woods right the way through the bag. If you like it in fairway woods, come serve that as an option for your game.