Video Series

Video Transcript

In this video series, we’re going to be taking a very close look at what is happening at impact and just after impact to try and improve the way that you're striking the ball, but also the way you are applying power to the golf shot. Now what I'm talking about is as you are actually coming through the ball it’s firing that golf club down towards your target. It's a key movement that you'll see in pretty much every top professional player. As they come down and strike the ball, there's arms extending down towards the target.

That club really pushing out in front and firing it down towards your eventual target. Now it is a movement which kind of encapsulates lots of different parts of the swing. So it's not just as simple as getting that club pointing down towards the target. There’s other things which are involved around it. But what we’re really going to do is break down this part of the swing, look at the pieces individually and then give you some explanations about how you should be applying them to your swing, and why that you want to be seeing them within your swing as well. So let's get going on firing that club down towards the target.