Video Series

Video Transcript

In this video series we’re going to look about why you should hit down on golf shots. Now hitting down on Golf shots, let’s kind of break that down first of all and actually explain what that means. Hitting down on a golf ball is not just as simple as trying to hit the ball down into the ground. It’s all about using the angle of attack of your swing arc in a correct manner. Now the swing arc is a circle --. Well not perfect circle but a circular motion around the body that the club takes when you’re swinging. Now the swing center, the center of that kind of arc around the body is the center of your chest. Well just slight to the right hand side, but it’s pretty much the center of your chest as a guide. So if I’m getting set up here, with my chest pretty much bang over the ball with my eight iron here.

My swing arc goes in a circular motion around my body. And because my chest is pressed down on top of the ball, and because I’m going to be moving through the ball with my weight shifting on to my left side, my swing centre is going to move slightly ahead of the ball. Now that's important because as that arc comes down, the angle of attack is going to be moving down onto the ball, it’s going to be hitting the ball first, and then it will be bottoming out where my swing center is just after the shot.

Now that is how you hit down on the ball. And that is the way that you’re going to create those perfect conditions with an iron when you’re striking the ball first, and then the turf. The reasons why you want to be doing this, for an iron shot, it would improve the consistency of the strike, and it will also allow you to get more control over the spin. You can also add a little bit more distance if done correctly as well. Let’s have a look about how you can do it, and let’s have a look at a few different tips and drills that would enable you to strike down on this ball a little bit better.