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There are two components to stopping the slice shot, first is path and then club face; or club face and then path, whichever way you want to mix it up. Out of the two, face is the most important because club face will determine the overall finish position of the shot. If you hit a shot with an absolutely perfect path but the club face is aiming fifty yards to the right hand side, the ball is going to be going fifty yards to the right hand side presuming it’s a decent strike. However, if your path is moving a long way from right to left, over the top, causing to cross yourself, traveling off to the left hand side inside of the target line, whatever way you want to describe it, if that club is moving in this direction, that club face will have to open a certain amount to curve the ball back towards the target. Now an easy way to feel and to get the sensation that the path is moving more from the inside is to extend the arms to the right of the target after impact. Now this is very, very simple to do, it’s getting yourself in a set up position, turning it up to the top of the back swing and as you move through the ball, try and feel that the hands are moving down close to the body and that as you hit the arms are extending off to the right hand side.

Now if you can go from this position to this position with the arms extending right, that path will be moving from an inside position to an outside position and therefore the path will not be out to win, it is then matching the club face to that path to try and get that ball nice and straight. But you can start off with small swings to begin with, you don’t need to hit this very, very hard, also it’s very cool to swing but I’m going to move it very much from the inside close to the body and then extend my arms out to the right. That ball just started to the right and then it’s drawing back around to the left hand side. Very simple drill to use, very effective drill to use, it’s something that can help you in combating the slice.