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So we have talked about the benefits of these golf clubs and they sound wonderful, don’t they? They go further, they’re more forgiving, everything else. Well, why do tour players decide to make the game more difficult then? Why do I not have a sort of game improvement iron if they are so wonderful? But there are some slight drawbacks and these are things that myself as a better player and the tour players, might consider as the reason why we don’t necessarily want to play these game improvement clubs. So one of the considerations might be the look, the appearance, they don’t necessarily look quite so attractive when they sit behind the golf ball, sometimes they could be a little bit off putting, I’d rather have a slightly smaller profile head to look at. One of the other areas might be there’s so much weight low and deep and under the golf ball that ball flight tends to be a lot higher, so if I’m playing on a windy day, I don’t want the ball to be flying to high up in the air, I have no concerns with getting the ball up in the air anyway, but a higher handicapped golfer might actually want the added height, so it’s horses for courses if you like I tend to spend a lot of my time trying to bring my ball flight down lower, I use golf balls with very heavy shafts and loft, I don’t want to hit the ball up in the air, but if you need a bit more height, game improvement golf club’s perfect for you.

If I was hitting a game improvement club, I would feel to a degree that I’ve lost a little bit of control, I’ve lost a little bit of that workability, I can't hit the ball low on demand, it just always keep popping up in the air. So it’s a different club for a different market section. The other consideration is that when you’ve got a bigger club head, it’s providing more résistance when you're playing through longer grass, so if you’re playing through thick grass and you’ve got this bigger club head with a bigger sole plate and a bigger top line, that simply just provides more resistance to the grass when you hit it, so hitting out of the rough might be a little bit more difficult whereas I would feel it with a more bladed profile club and particularly with my wedges that are actually bladed wedges, I would be able to take this wedge into the grass and they are very thin bottom line and thin top line and smaller head profile cuts through the grass really nicely, so in longer grass I would actually prefer my clubs than the big, heavy game improvement clubs. So again it’s not like tour pros are trying to make the game more difficult for themselves, it’s just utilizing the right club for the right type of golfer. So if you feel that you're going to benefit from the game improvement clubs and you're not going to see many drawbacks with them, getting the pro shops, get down to the driving range, try out this type of golf club and then get out there and get yourself a set of game improvement irons.