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So if you already have quite a strong grip you may be aware of the drawbacks of having that strong grip, and if you're deciding to change to a strong grip, it's important that you understand what those drawbacks might be. When we have a strong grip player, quite often we see that they have sort of three major traits major issues. The first thing is they're probably quite a one dimensional player. Now it might just be that the ball always moves from right to left, now some golfers, particularly if you're a slicer of the golf, you have a fade to the ball, if they're a right handed golfer that ball moves left to right, then a one dimensional draw player might sound like the best thing you could ever do. But for somebody that has that one dimensional draw, they might struggle on holes that fade the opposite way, or they might struggle on holds that fade the opposite way or they might struggle on holds where the wind is blowing from right to left.

So they might wish occasionally that they could hit the ball the opposite direction, but having the strong grip and being quite a pronounced draw player, you are going to struggle to hit a fade from that position unless you are willing to change your grip. So just be aware that one of the drawbacks of having that strong grip is the fact that the club quite often turns the ball from right [Indiscernible] [00:01:12] air.

Now the further downside of that is our second major point, is that it could turn into a quick hook, so by having your hands in a strong grip position. The club face is often going to turn into a closed from your swing path position, so the club face is going to wind left of your swing path to the right handed golfer; that can spin the ball from right to the left, and actually turn particularly in your longer irons and your driver, into what we might class as a quick hook, where the ball doesn’t really draw gently into the middle but it starts straight and it quickly hooks down the left side, very low ball flight. Lots and lots of run but generally winning side ways into the rough, so be careful if your grip gets too strong, you could be praying to the odd quick hook and one last issue that might relate to the stronger grip, is actually sometimes the distance control will be a bit lacking, and particularly the opportunity, where you sometimes hit the ball further than you wanted to.

So, you might have setup, I have got myself an 8 - iron, I have got my correct yardage for my 8 - iron, but if I get my club face too close to the point of impact, aiming too far left, I don’t present the 8 iron loft, I present a 7 or 6 iron loft, because as it aims more left, it aims on a lower loft trajectory. So the ball then suddenly shoots out low left, pulls down this left hand side, might land on the back of the green, but then it will balance off, it won't spin and it won't stop, so the issues of having this strong grip, too much draw sometimes, turning into a snap hook sometimes and lacking a bit of distance control. So be careful that you are aware of those drawbacks when you decide to make the change to an ultra-strong grip.