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If you are looking to load up the golf backswing there are certain pitfalls that you really need to avoid. What a lot of people think about when they talk about turning and loading up is that the shoulders rotate away, the lower-half stays really, really still, and you get into a very athletic position, where the hips have stayed static, the upper body is turned, the weight is transferred, and you're ready to hit the golf shot. Unfortunately normal bodies don't work like that. So you can see Tiger Woods, you can see Roy McIlroy; you can see Jason Day, these very athletic golfers, as they turn away from the ball they stretch around, they rotate fully, and it looks like their lower-half stays very, very still.

However, what happens in reality is as that club is taken away, as those shoulders begin to turn the right knee stays nice and flex, so it doesn't straighten up, it doesn't move off to the right-hand side, it stays flexed, but the hips do rotate. This is one of the biggest problems, and one of the biggest issues that people have when they're trying to load up is that they try and keep their lower half still; they don't let it rotate, and end up just lifting up and leaning towards the ball. And if you want to be loading up on are right side, leaning over to the left-hand side is obviously not going to be beneficial. So as you're turning away yes, you're rotating the shoulders, yes, you're loading up into that right knee which you're trying to keep flexed, however as you move away you turn, you want the right here to also be let alone, and you want it to be rotating.

As you get up to the top and you have 90 degrees of turn within the shoulders, you want to see about 45 degrees within the hips. Don't restrict them. Keep the lower-half stable by keeping the right knee in, allow your body to turn, do not restrict the hips. This will allow you to get your spine tail away from your target, it will allow you to get your weight on to your right side with that swing, and it will get you into a good position to move down into impact, and hopefully hit some good drives.