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When you are faced with uneven lies on the golf course, you need to be able to adapt your stance around that. When you are faced with a lovely driving range like this so you are on the driving range, but your stance is always relatively fine and you can become a little bit secure or a little bit comfortable with having your feet on a perfectly flat lie all the time. Unfortunately when you get out to the course, it’s very rare that that will happen. So how do you know how to adjust? The best thing that you can do and the most important thing that you need to do when adjusting your stance, for uneven lies, is to ensure that you are maintaining your balance.

So for example, if I found my ball which was on a downhill line so the slope was going towards the target. I would have to make sure that my stance was wide enough that as I move my weight a little bit more to my front side, to match the slope and I move my spine angle a little bit more to match the slope as well, I have the ability to move down the slope without losing my balance. If for example, the ball was above my feet, let’s have a very extreme example, the ball was very much above my feet. From this position I don’t need a massively wide stance. That’s because I am not going to really need huge amounts of stability if the ball is above my feet. What I am going to need is to ensure that I am bottoming out the club perfectly where I want it to be.

So then I am just going to narrow my stance a little bit, obviously if the slope is very extreme, it can’t go wider. But I am just going to narrow my stance a little bit because I need to ensure that I am bottoming out the club in the correct position. Let’s say for example that the ball is a long way below my feet. If I widen my stance now, yes I will get more stability but the wider the stance goes, the more you are going to be out to get down to a golf ball which is below your feet. So the ball below my feet, I have widened, the ball above my feet I have still pull it in a little bit narrower, to help bottom it out. With the stance moving away, I have put that little bit more weight forward my spine tilting away. And the opposite if true, if the ball is on an uphill slope. All these changes to stance, all these changes to weight distribution within the stance are very, very important. And the only way to get used to them and the only way to find out which ones are most successful to you, is to try and find somewhere on the course to practice or if you are lucky enough to try and find the driving range mat which enables you to build in slopes when practicing.