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Video Transcript

It’d be nice to ask every golfer what their favorite club is and every golfer said, “My lob wedge, I just love my lob wedge.” I think that would be really nice to ask that question and get that response, because therefore I know that the golfer is focused enough on their short game, their practice, their club selection, and they’re going to be good inside that last 50 yards. When I asked that question, which is your favorite club, which do you love the most, most people said “Driver, I just love my driver.”

That’s the one you practice with the most. That’s the one that you spend the most money on. Of course, you’re going to like that one the most. But reality is the driver probably does not save you as many shots as the lob wedge could do if you learn to love it. But, of course, the only way you are going to love it is pay attention to the club you’ve got. So, make sure we’ve got the right loft, the right bounce, the right degrees of everything, make sure it’s a club that you like, the look, it’s got a nice finish to it. Keep in a reasonably good order.

If the grooves are starting to wear out, get a new one, replace it, so it’s always going to spin the ball just as you like. There is no point to say, “Well, I used to love that one, but it’s so old and tatty, now the ball barely spins anymore,” you know, $80, $90 you are going to be able to replace the decent wedge in your bag and start to fall in love with it again.

The other thing is learn to love it from a lot of different positions. So, when you go and practice on the range, you might be on a flat mat and just chipping the ball away over and over again, the basic technique might look pretty good. But acutally what you need to do is get yourself found in a facility like there is a grass practice area, grass chipping green to one side of me here, but try the ball in different variety of lies, longer grass that I’ve got at the front here, shelter grass, hit high shots, hit low shots, hit bunker shots, hit shots off slopes.

Learn to realize how versatile this club can be and how popular you can acutally – how popular it should be in terms of the choice of the shots you have on the golf course when you work out to a shot on the side of a green you think, okay, that’s no problem, I’ve got a club that can deal with that. Pop out the lob wedge. Knock it on the green. Execute it really good up and down and save yourself a shot by falling in love with your lob wedge again.