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The easiest way to practice the differences between the iron and the driver shot is to literally hit a driver shot then an iron shot and really break it down go through that set up and try and get the differences between the feelings. There's a fantastic drill here that you can use which almost starts to teach you these things a little bit subconsciously and it is very simple to set up.

So all I've got here is I've got a hybrid club. Now a hybrid club is a cross between an iron and a wood and it is perfect to use in this type of shots because it's a little bit longer and it does give the resemblance of a little bit more of woody club. You can't use this just with an iron, you can't use this just with a driver, but you can use it with a hybrid it is a little bit more beneficial.

Now what I'm going to do here, this is a four hybrid. So it's almost a four iron replacement, but I'm going to hit it first of all almost like it's a bit more of a seven or six iron. So ball position wise, hand swing wise, so I'm going to get set up. You could see here how this ball is teed up. Normally you'd have it a little bit lower and generally you can even have it really off the mat. I'll have it off the mat just for this demonstration.

Base of the mat here it's in the set up position where I would normally have my seven iron. I'm getting set up and I'm going to swing and I'm going to move through like I would do with a seven iron. So transferring the weight trying to hit ball first and then the turf. And that's where it's I'm not too bad.

Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to move on to my next ball. And I'm going to make the changes within my setup, but I'm not going to over think things here. So I've just hit my iron shot, my iron type of shot and now I'm moving on to this; ball position just inside the left heel, nice strong set up, tilted away that sternum position a little bit more behind.

And on this one I'm going to try and hit up and clip it off the top of the tee. And that's not worked out too badly either. So what I've done there is I've done my two swings, no changing really anything within the technique but altering things in the set up quite drastically and then trying to hit up on the second shot. And I've done that all within the space of a few seconds on the driving range and I've switched over very simply. Like I said you can do this with an iron, you can do it with a driver. But if you can do with a hybrid it probably would be a little bit more beneficial. So give that drill a go and it should give you that sensation between the two techniques.