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Video Transcript

Okay. So the question here is, are high lofted fairway woods a good choice? Well I suppose the answer is yes. Anything that has a good degree of loft in the club face is going to make you hit that ball more consistency, more accurately. The more loft you’ve got, the less size thing you’ve got, so the more likelihood of actually getting that ball up in the air. So high lofty woods are they a good thing, well yes you’ve also got the hybrids, who compete for the same sort of market. So it’s basically a case of saying what’s good for you. I’ve got a 5 wood in my hand a high lofted club BC5 wood, 7 wood, 9 wood even to 11 wood 13 woods.

And so are they good for you are they easy to use? Well yeah but it might not be for everybody, so try one out at the driving range. Basically position the ball mid way in your stands; we basically want to have a blow where we actually hit down and through, because remember these clubs they’ve got lots and lots of loft on. Put the ball in the mid-central position, as we go back, what we want you to do; we want you to concentrate here on sweeping that club just slow and low. Remember, this shaft and this club face is loft, it’s going to send this ball up in the air, so the last thing we want to do is to come up and hit down so severely and smother the shots.

So let’s just assume we’ve selected the 7 wood; put the ball position in the middle, set yourself up put your hands in the normal position. And from here, just concentrate from here and take it back slow and low, so concentrate slow and low, and the loft of the club has actually done the job for me. And it’s that is how to play that golf shot. So when you play and if you’re looking for a sort of marker on the ground, the sort of descending blow should happen just as you hit that ball and afterwards, like a little bruising on the ground that’s the ideal strike when you got these clubs and in the middle of a stance.

So are high lofted fairway woods a good thing? But for some people yes, so go to the driving range, try some out. I’ll tell you this, you’ll hit that a lot better than you most probably you’ll hit your 5 and your 6 irons, so maybe it’s worth to slip one in your bag the next time you go out.