Video Series

Video Transcript

Here's a great series of exercises where you can use something really simple to help improve your golf. Now, most people when they go down to the driving range would have a credit card in their pocket or in their wallet, and I'd like you to use that credit card to actually help you check on the positions that you're in during your swing.

So, this first exercise, you do need a glove on for this because it's your glove that's going to hold the credit card in place. So, first exercise, take your glove off, take your credit card and place it into the back of your glove, on your front hand. So, left hand for a right-handed golfer, I've got the glove in position. I Velcroed it back into my glove there so it sits nice and tight.

The way to check that you've got it in the right position would be to hold your hand out in front of you nice and straight just like that. The credit cards, you just put even pressure on the side of your left wrist and just make sure you've got a feeling for what that's like because what we're going to try and achieve is that same position throughout the swing. So, hold your hand out in front of you, nice, even pressure with the credit card in the back of the glove.

Sometimes it just needs adjusting but once you've got it right and it's velcroed in position, it should stay there. Now, go ahead and take your addressed position, so, taking a good grip with your left hand, right hand on as normal and just feel how the pressure through the back of that left wrist is nice and even and the same.

Now, if you can check that your hands are in the right place, you should have the butt end of the golf club pointing at your left hip and as that happens, there's not much pressure on the back of the credit card. If I have my hands too far back in my set up, you can see how that angles my left wrist, and that's an incorrect movement. Having so much angle through the left wrist there could cause a flicking in the takeaway, or a scooping through the impact position and I can feel the credit card pulling away from my wrist in that position.

So, in the setup position, the butt end of the golf club points in the left hip, the left hand is pressed forwards. However, if it's too far forwards, the butt end now points beyond my left hip, you might be able to see there's a little gap there behind the back of the credit card. It's peeled away from my wrist and I can feel that's coming away and that's an incorrect position. So, the pressure that I have here, I should be able to maintain here in my setup position.

So, take a credit card, Velcro it into the back of your glove, feel the even pressure on the back of that wrist and make sure in your setup position, you maintain even pressure by having the handle of the golf club pointing at your hip. That should feel the same for most of your golf shots. So, I've got a sixth sign here, pull position ahead of center, butt end of club pointing at hip and I can feel the pressure in the back of my glove.

Use a credit card, check you've got a good address position.