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Video Transcript

One of the phrases that you might often here when golfers are talking about the way they’ve hit the golf ball certainly sometimes on the TV, you’ll hear the commentators talk about how the players spin out of the ball. It describes this process of unwinding the hips too quickly which often causes the upper body to be too passive, the hands to come out in front of the body, this way and then actually come across the back of the golf ball, can often result in a pull but more importantly for most amateur golfers, a slice.

So if we were looking down the line and we swing to the top and the player spins out of the body this way, the hips open too quickly, the hands come over the top and then they pull across the golf ball, the spin out would cause the club to travel from out and across the ball and a lot of left to right spin on the ball. So one thing we’ve got to try and do is really work the bottom half of the body better at the start of the downswing to avoid the spinning out. And the bottom half needs to be moving laterally rather than rotating. So here is a really nice exercise for you to understand that lateral movement.

What I’m going to do is set you up here in front of a mirror. Where my camera is, I would normally put a mirror, and put the tour stick in the ground. So I’ve got it sitting in a basket here but if you could just put it straight into the floor. Or if you are sort of doing it outside, stick it into the lawn so you are facing the window or the back door something like that so you can see yourself. And then shuffle in nice and close to it, so just a couple of inches away from the tour stick. And then just looking up into my mirror I’m going to feel that I turned slightly away from the tour stick and the backswing, loading my body weight nicely onto my right side and moving away from the stick.

Now the start of my down swing is the key move. This is where I’d like to move my hips laterally back in towards the stick. So I’ll move my hip and my knee almost imagine I’m going to bump into the stick and knock it over. And that means the lateral shift which allows me more room to bring the club on the inside and then I can turn through to finish on my left leg. So I don’t want to spin the hips and move them away from the stick, I actually want to move them into the stick. So it’s up to the top, I’ve moved the waist slightly, I’m on my right leg, a little bump across to the hips, get near to the tour stick, feel like you are going to knock it over and then turn through into the follow through, and get your body weight onto your left side.

So if we try this again now with an actual swing, I'm going to try and knock the stick over during the swing. Stay where you are, stick. I’ve got it sitting in the floor, there we go. So during my swing here, I’m going to try and bump it over. And hopefully you can see that how I move my hips, nice and laterally across in my transition and then turn through to a nice big finish position. That’s a great exercise to stop you spinning after the ball and coming over the top.