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Video Transcript

So, the third drill relating to the credit card being in the back of the glove. So, Velcro the credit card into the position and in the addressed position, we can feel even pressure, top of the back swing even pressure. As you come down into impact, it would be nice to get a feeling that the credit card just lightens the pressure on the back of your glove.

So, it doesn't press into your wrist too much, because we know a good impact position would encourage the hams to be nicely in front of the golf ball, very slightly de-lofting the club face and keeping the pressure in the back of the grip there slightly less than a scooping motion.

If you feel there's a scooping motion happening, you'd feel the pressure of the credit card pushing into the back of the wrist, and that's a really nice sort of feeling to get, "Yeah, okay, I'm doing something wrong," because I can feel that pressure in there and I don't want that. I want the pressure to lighten off a little bit as I keep my hands in front. I feel that I'm hitting down on the golf ball and hitting through, particularly useful when you're chipping and pitching.

If you feel you've got a little flicky scooping going on and you're chipping, particularly noticeable when people are trying to hit the ball high, so, if you get yourself a lob wedge, a sand wedge, something like that and you feel yourself trying to flick the ball into the air, this is an excellent drill for you. You put a credit card in the back of the glove. There's not much pressure that's set up and there's even less pressure at impact and that means that I haven't flicked with my left wrist, my front wrist.

I'm pushing forwards nicely as I follow through. I'm not letting the club head overtake my hands and scooping in here and I can feel that and I want to avoid that as much as possible with a nice pushing through angle.

So, that's a great checkpoint for you, your impact position, with an iron, less pressure and particularly when you're chipping and pitching even less as you keep your hams ahead into the follow-through. There's no scoop, there's no flick, there's no pressure in the back of your wrist from that credit card. So, use a credit card to check on your impact position.