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Here‘s a quick fix five check points for your bunker game. These are the five most common mistakes I see golfers making, run a little checklist to make sure you aren’t making any of this mistakes and your bunker game will improve nicely. The first thing I see golfers doing when they are in the bunker, they take too much sand sometimes, taking too much sand slows the golf club down and there get a duff. So the easiest way of checking whether you’re taking the right amount of sand; draw a little line in the sand about two inches behind the golf ball. If your bunker shot’s too heavy and you hit six inches of sand the ball won’t come out at all, you’ll barely move the thing, the club will slow down too much, the sand just pushes the ball forward, that’s not going to be a good shot at all. Then on the next one as there’s my line I’m going to take too little sand, I’m going to be a bit too high, fin the top of the golf poll that rolls into the face, that’s twice that I haven’t gotten out of the bunker with these two mistakes.

Then we’ve got a deceleration, this is a swing where you swing back with all of the best intents of purposes to hit this ball out, you get scared, you decelerate, you don’t follow through and if the ball does come out here it won’t very far. So it’s a decent set-up, it’s a decent movement but then I get tense and slow down and it barely just clears over the lip. So it’s really important when your in the bunker, you have a nice, big follow through to keep the club head moving. The sand will try and slow your club down if you allow it, you decelerate when you leave the ball very close to the front of the green or not even getting it out of the bunker at all.

And the last two here, the scoop and the flick, these are quite well related. This is where you got a nice big leap out of the bunker. Golfer is desperately trying to get the ball up in the air to clear it out of the bunker and they start to scoop it or they start to flick it. So a scoop is going to be one of the body weight leans back too much this way, golfer’s inclined to almost throw the ball out, so desperately trying to lean back to throw the ball out gets a bad contact he will hit the ground far too early behind the golf ball, desperately trying to scoop the ball out while leaning back. Well he got that one but that was quite a lucky, wasn’t it? I’ve hit way behind the golf ball. It come out way too low, if that lip was another foot higher or a foot further a way for me that wouldn’t have come out at all and if that sand was softer that probably wouldn’t have come out either because the club would have just buried it self too much. So you definitely don’t want to be scooping.

And the last one of the five sins in a bunker is going to be a flick, now a flake is going to be a handsy bunker shot, not really getting the body involved, not really getting the legs involved, just trying to scoop out the ball with the hands. This we often see again from nervous golfers. Golfers who aren’t confident in bunkers they stand over the ball, they don’t turn the chest and turn the body through like we would like, they just flick it with the hands, they just rush it generally fining the ball, blading the ball straight into the front edge of the bunker. So if you could just check through your bunker game make sure your not guilty of making any of those five mistakes and if your bunker shots are looking like mine in the bunker or not very good at all, that might be one of the five areas that where you’re making the mistakes in the bunker.