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Video Transcript

So trying to keep the eyes level through the golf swing is quite an important factor. We’ve now covered that in a couple of videos. The key now is to look at where does it go wrong for some golfers, which part of that swing does some golfers find to struggle with. There tend to really be three main points. It's going to be in the takeaway, in the transition and at impact; so the start, the middle and the bottom of your swing. So at the start of the swing in the takeaway position we often see this where a golfer will actually watch the club on the way back.

Then that watching of the golf club might be balling out to them trying to make sure the club goes into the right position and that would be a good thing, but not to the expense of tilting and twisting the head and using the eye position in the wrong way. So if you've been so keen to watch the club maybe back into mirror or just watch the position you've actually found yourself looking with the head. Let’s make sure the eyes stay nice and level as we bring the club back then we can check it and look at it, but don’t actually watch it during the swing.

The next phase where the issue might be is actually in the transition. So from the top of the backswing into the start to the downswing and it really is the power and the pressure comes on and we start to load that swing that some golfers get themselves into difficulties. So, we turn up to the top into this position, drive the hips across, bring the club down and now certainly we've got the lean back happening. We've got the right eye too low, the hips have gone too far forwards. We've got a bit of a lean going on.

We would like to try and get to the top of swing and move back into the ball trying to keep the eyes as level as possible all the way down to impact and that’s the next, everywhere some golfers will find that they’re getting themselves into a bad position and again it tends to be the leaning back idea that the head starts to twist and look up a bit. Maybe they’ve already started to try and see where the ball is going to. The right eye drops a little bit, and actually as the right eye drops off then we see the head drop, the right shoulder drop, the right knee going, and the golfer is quite prone to hitting the ball fat or even thin by folding into this right side as the head starts to twist; and we can relate to all back to keeping the eyes nice and level.

So as the eyes are level, impact position is going to be better, and then the eyes lift up to a nice level follow-through position. So control your eye level in the takeaway, in the transition at the impact position, and you'll be a better ball striker.