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Video Transcript

If you are hitting a hook shot the first thing to check is your grip. Any offline golf shot which has curvature means there is a mismatch between club face and path. When there’s that mismatch, check your grip because grip ahs overriding control over what is happening with your club face. So what you will – you’ll be saying if you are hitting that hook shot; well, it means that the club face is pointing too far left. If a club face is pointing too far left that will automatically indicate that the grip is possibly too strong. Now if you have too strong of a golf grip what will generally happen is with the left hand will come too much on top of the club. Normally with a neutral grip as you look down, you want to be standing about two and a half knuckles on the left had with the V of that hand pointing up towards the right shoulder.

If the grip is too strong then more knuckles will be visible, so I can see now this is a very strong grip but I can see all four knuckles on the top of the hand and that V created by the thumb, the four fingers pointing well out to the right hand side. Now with my right hand here, I’m going to also put that in a very strong position, so underneath the club. And you can see here there’s no knuckles visible and that V created by the thumb, the four fingers, the right hand again is pointing a long way off to the right-hand side. Now that strong grip, what that will cause, as you’re coming into impact, the hands will want to rotate into a position where the palms are pretty much facing each other. Now if I go from this strong grip position and I rotate my palms to face each other, you can see that now the club face is pointing a long way off to the left-hand side.

With the club face which is pointing that much off to the left hand side, the ball is going to go a long way left. If you match that with a path which is massively from in to out, that’s where you’re going to get that big hook shot. So if you’re struggling with a hook, please check your grip first. It can give you big clues and it can also be a big cure to stop that club face getting so close throughout the swing.