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I guess for a lot of golfers they not really sure whether they are releasing the golf club correctly, they know that they probably should be releasing the golf club they know what the top pro look like through here and they might fill out this. But they are not really sure whether they are releasing the golf club what effect would have on their shots. So there is probably three main shots that are going to happen to a golfer who isn’t releasing the golf club correctly. The first thing is going to be a tendency to hit the ball to the right hand side for the right handed golfer. So effectively it’s a blocked shot where we are coming in through impact the club face is stayed open for too long we haven’t been able to release the club face through to a square position. And if the face is pointing out to the right hand side chances are the ball is going to stuck down the right hand side. So a lack of release would lead to block shots down the right hand side. The second thing and the way it is related to that is the lack of release is going to cause disappointing distances.

So if you are playing on the golf course with your mates and their constantly out driving you and you’re used to hit a seven nine from 150 and now you are having to hit a six iron or a five iron from 150 and this disappointing distance is plaguing your game. The chances are that you are not very efficient with your swing and particularly you not very efficient with the release patterns of your hands and arms. Your holding the left elbow too high your not releasing the club face you’re not generating the maximum amount of distance or power that you could do you are causing yourself problems with the lack of distance. And the last thing to consider is hitting the shots fat may be not so much with a driver but if I change down to an iron and I don’t release my hands. I might be tempted just to catch the ball a little bit fat too regularly which is that is the problem for you consider the lack of release as an issue.

Generally not releasing the golf club we are going to be leaning back a little bit too much. The left elbow is getting high, the club head count over takes so much and we hit the ground slightly before we get to the golf ball. And any amount of hitting the ground before the golf ball is going to be a serious concern particularly if you are playing in wet weather conditions. Even an inch behind the ball will rob as much as 20, 30% of the entire distance of the shot from the ball and it will come out maybe on line but certainly shot. So any lack of release through the ball is going to be a problem. So working on those three areas if there three things that are problematic to you blocking the baling fatting the ball and not hitting the ball as far possible you could consider that you’re not releasing the club correctly.