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How can I practice my wedge distance control? Now when you are playing a wedge shots it’s exceptionally important to have control over the ball and control over your distance. Now it’s a very easy very simple way that you can control your distances just by altering your swing length back and altering your swing length through the ball as well. Now what makes it easy is that your mirror imaging each side of your swing. So you are swinging it the same length back and you are swinging it the same length through. Now I have got some wedge here and I am going to do three different swing lengths which will each produce three different distances. I am going to use the same setup, pretty much the same technique but just alter the distances. So for my first shot my feet are going to be slightly open, my hips are going to be slightly open, preset in the impact position. And I am going to be putting my weight a little bit on the front foot and my hands slightly ahead of the ball. Now my first swing is going to be when I get my arms to a straight position and the club shaft also to pretty much a straight position as well. From there I am going to strike down and through and finish in a position which mirrors the back swing. So my arms straight and the club shaft straight as well.

So from there, to there and that will send out the ball at about 30 to 40 yards. Now our next swing I am going to be using the exact the same setup through all I am going to be doing is just adding a hinge of the wrists so the shaft up the sky the left arm parallel to the ground and then through the ball, exactly the same position on the way through and that will produce a shot of about 50 to 60 yards. Now to push to it to 70 to 80 yards, all I am going to be doing is just extending that back swing slightly more, up to three quarters in length and you have probably guessed by now on the way through, is three quarters in length as well. And again that will produce a different distance it will give me great control over my wedge shots, what you don’t want to be doing is get out to that course looking at the different hole locations and just trying to feel you way around it. Practice these different distance and you will get a much more control over your wedge shots and if you get more control of your wedge shots you will see the scores quite drop, quite dramatically goes from a blur 90 yards and you have that ball on the string and you will be out of hole more of the, as close to par and for birdie as well.