A golfer who has good swing tempo will often be able to play more consistent golf than someone who swings with a less consistent or erratic tempo. Good players often look so smooth because of their good swing tempo.

    Ways to Create the Best Golf Swing Tempo

    A good golf swing tempo should adhere to a count of 1,2,3,4.
    At your address position, as you start your swing, say the number one. At your half way back position say the number two. At the top of the backswing position say the number three, and at the impact position say the number four.

    This will give you a backswing tempo three times longer than your downswing tempo. This creates a nice, stable, consistent turn in the backswing, fast acceleration into the impact position and provides plenty of consistency alongside plenty of power.

    Work on this exercise during your practice routines on the driving range and then take the same swing tempo with you on to the golf course. Focus particularly hard on good swing tempo when you are under pressure and playing the last few holes.

    Don't forget a good golf swing tempo can often hide a multitude of other technical golf swing faults.