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A true legend of the game Ben Crenshaw was one of the best players of his generation. He only won two major titles, but he is considered by many who should have won many, many more. He is also a fantastic short game exponent regarded as one of the best putters of all time.

Now what Ben Crenshaw also did throughout his career was have a fantastic movement within his swing, which allowed him to find the slot as it's known. Now the slot in the downswing after following a nice technical proficient backswing which Ben Crenshaw always had is a start to turn the hips when at the same time dropping the elbow close to the side. And that means it is the hips continue to turn, the club is able to move through impact on a very, very good plain and that is something that Ben Crenshaw did throughout his career very, very successfully.

Get to the top, bring the right elbow in and continue to turn the hips through. Now it's not an easy thing to get in sequence, but if with a bit of practice you can do it will lead to very, very consistent ball striking, so taking all to the top in a wide position, turning the hips while striking the elbow.

And if you can get the two together the strike is always going to be better than otherwise. So if you are looking to improve the consistency strike take a look at Ben’s swing and try and hit the slot on the way down.