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Is it Ben Martin? Ben Martin is a 27-year-old American golfer who has had a very successful amateur career and he has made the step up into the professional ranks, and within the last two years he has kind of shot up the world rankings and he is very hotly tipped for great things. Now Ben Martin is very, very technically sound in many things he does and there is one position that really stands out, which people can work on to improve their ball striking.

At impact the left and the shaft are perfectly lined up. Now with the irons what that means is at impact the left arm is coming into the ball, it's straight and it allows the shaft to catch you up at impact and at impact the left arm and the shaft are ahead of the ball but they are lined up nice and straight.

Now what that means is that the ball will be caught first before the ground and then as it continues always with the left arm extends the actual extension will be full and the shot will be further and straight to that, otherwise it would be if the left arm buckled as he came through.

Now it's not an easy thing to practice, but you can rehearse that impact position, getting the left arm straight and the shaft nice and straight. The only difference with the driver is as the ball moves slightly forwards, the left arm and the shaft will still be in a straight line, but that will be hitting up on the ball rather than down so the shaft is either straight or slightly behind at impact. But if you can get that left arm and club line to put impact the strike will be very, very pure.

And it's certainly helping Ben Martin progress up the ranks very, very quickly.