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Ben Crenshaw will always be remembered by golf fans for his two master’s triumph. Especially second one, which came just after the death of renowned instructor and a great friend of Ben Crenshaw, Harvey Penick. It was an emotional moment and endeared into thousands of fans across the world also endeared into thousands of American fans when he inspired the Ryder Cup come back at Medinah. Not so much the European fans, but will forgive him that just a little bit because he was a fantastic golfer as well.

Now what he did very, very consistently throughout his career and still does when he plays was find the downswing slot. So, on the actual backswing he got into a lovely wide position, very technically correct, but on the way down allow the right arm especially to drop down into his side, allow the hips to turn and then get the club just in front of the hands when he is from down the line view.

Now this slot as it's known just allow Ben Crenshaw just to continue turning and get the club into a fantastic impact position and because of that he was able to hit very, very consistent shots. So by getting sets up, getting coming down with that right elbow into the side, continuing to turn and then just allowing the arms to extend through; if you can get those moves working in sequence the shot should come out very, very, very consistently.

So, if you are looking to groove a better impact position finding that slot by getting the elbow into the side by rotating the hips should certainly work wonders for your game. And also Ben Crenshaw one of the best putters to ever live. So if you are looking to improve your game that way, that’s probably where you should start as well.